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About Us

TreoModern’s mission is to sell only the best of modern furniture and accessories in an educational and inspiring way.  We have sold many products from many vendors but today we have decided to only sell Nuevo Living furniture as we believe it offers the highest quality for the price you pay.  We specialize in Nuevo and can ship to both Canada and the US.  We are experts in Nuevo furniture and would love to earn your business!

Since we have hand pick Nuevo products from the multitude of manufacturers and wholesalers in the market, you can shop with ease knowing the hard part of selecting a quality product at a reasonable price is already done for you.   Now you can focus on the more fun and creative aspect of buying furniture that is perfect for your space.   This is asking yourself “what items will make my room look great and my personality shine through!”

Can design make you happy?

Yes.   There are two ways to look at this.   The first is being happy while experiencing design.    The second is being happy designing.

Being happy while experiencing design.   This happens when walking into a modern art gallery that makes you feel a certain way, using a well designed MP3 music player, surfing a modern furniture store designed to help you find what you need, or enjoying your newly finished living space.

Being happy designing.   This happens while you are the creator, the designer, the inspiration that once realized makes you happy over and over again while experiencing your design.   This is the happiness you feel imagining, planning, and executing on creating your perfect living spaces.

How do we participate in this?   We put a great deal of effort into making sure design makes you happy and we are certainly happy in both areas through this effort.   We are happy experiencing great design by picking items that are functional, aesthetically pleasing, relevant to how we live, and those that are a great value.   We think these items will make you feel the same way.   We are also happy designing through the creation of this website.   We designed it in a way to make it easy for you to find what you need with multiple ways to browse products, tons of great products in the store, and an easy to use shopping system with outstanding customer support.

We are confident your experience with us will be like that of 1000’s of other customers and we appreciate you shopping with us.   Our home page is our main window to the world and we’d love to hear from you if you have any feedback.

Eric & Marla - Founders